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Archery Club Hunting For New Home

By Times Reporter in News on November 23, 2023

Hampshire’s oldest archery club is on the hunt for a new home to avoid closing in its 70th anniversary year.

Merdon Bowmen Archery Club, founded in 1954, must leave its current premises in Dundridge next summer when its lease expires.

Attempts to find a new range have so far been unsuccessful and there are worries the club may be forced to close in its anniversary year.

The 50-strong group is appealing for help finding a new field so they can continue running.

A spokesman said: “Merdon Bowmen Archery Club has been an integral part of the local community for decades.

“We are hopeful that the community will rally behind us in our search for a new field, ensuring the continuation of our club’s legacy.

“Since our founding, we have fostered a diverse and passionate community of members aged eight and up. Our club, originally situated near Merdon Castle and later alongside The Hampshire Bowman Pub in Dundridge, has been a cornerstone of the archery landscape for decades.

“Our archery club brings together people of all ages and abilities, fostering mental and physical well-being through the sport. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and dynamic space for all members, including disabled archers.

“Landowners who share our passion for sports, community, and preserving tradition are invited to join hands with Merdon Bowmen in this exciting endeavour. By offering a suitable location, you’ll be contributing to the continued growth and success of a storied archery institution.

“If you have a property or know of a potential location that could become our new home, we encourage you to contact us. Together, we can create a vibrant hub of archery excellence and community engagement.”

Any new field will need to accommodate parking spaces and club facilities. For inquiries and more information, please contact




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