Curdridge dance school holds summer finale

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Joanna Vowles School of Dance On Tour 2024 Performance

A Curdridge-based dance school celebrated its grand summer finale on Sunday with a spectacular event.

The performers from the Joanna Vowles School of Dance (JVSD) comprising of local children and young adults aged from 3 to 18 years, themed their show around holidaying ‘On Tour’.

They showcased a vibrant mix of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and musical theatre to tracks such as ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” ft. Alicia Keys. The event was held at Oasis Academy Mayfield’s theatre, transforming it into a hub of energy and creativity.

Emilia, aged eight, from Swanmore, who was performing for the very first time, shared her excitement: “I really enjoyed learning all the fun and exciting new moves, learning from my teachers, and performing with the older girls. It was very exciting.”

The audience was treated to a dance extravaganza that highlighted the performers’ skills. They performed 23 pieces, taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of holiday destinations around the world.

Joanna Vowles, the school’s founder, expressed her pride in the students’ achievements. “Show days are a chance for us to showcase the talent we have in the school,” she said.

“Parents who bring their little three-year-olds every week to our pre-school dance class really had no idea what to expect. There’s been lots of hard work, so it’s lovely when everyone is singing our praises. We’ve had so much positive feedback from parents. It really does make it all worthwhile.”

The event also marked a poignant farewell for four students who will be leaving to pursue their passions at university. These dedicated performers were recognized with awards for their time with the school.

Lulu, aged 18, who has gained a place at her dream performing arts school, Laine Theatre Arts, expressed her gratitude: “I’ve now been part of the school for almost 15 years and have made memories and friendships for life. JVDS has always been my home away from home and my second family. I’m extremely grateful to all of the teachers.”

Megan, aged 18, reflected on her journey: “Dancing and performing with JVSD has given me the confidence to be the determined and resilient person I am today, pushing me out of my comfort zone yet always remaining a place I call home.”

Kara, aged 18, said: “My time at JVSD has been incredible and I am so sad that it has come to an end. I’ve learnt so much from all the teachers, who have been amazing in guiding me toward exams, festivals, and showcases which I have loved and will remember forever.”

Joanna Vowles added: “It really has gone so quickly and yesterday was so special as we got the opportunity to showcase their talents as they danced together one last time. My graduates have all turned 18 and are off to university studying English, History, and Medicine, and dance college, Laine Theatre Arts. We are so proud of them. We have watched them grow into beautiful young women who are now off to follow their dreams.”

Joanna Vowles School of Dance will soon take a rest for the summer break but will be back on Saturdays at Curdridge Reading Rooms from September. They will introduce a new pre-school class on Saturday mornings as well as continuing to offer their Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theatre classes for school-aged children. Places are currently available for children of all ages to join, email or visit the school’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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