Denmead Pre-School garden hit by vandalism

Vandalism at Denmead Pre-School

Denmead’s Pre-School’s garden was hit by vandalism over the weekend.

Staff found the garden in a state of disarray when they opened up the pre-school this morning.

Recently planted flowers had been dug up, soil thrown around and pictures drawn by the children pulled down.

The Pre-School’s Rachael Curphey said: “We arrived at Denmead Preschool today and found that over the weekend our garden has been used but left in a state. A freshly planted wildflower planter by the children, has been dug up and a brick thrown in there.

“Pictures of birds have been ripped off and drawn on in the literacy den. Our tyres have been thrown all over the field. A football has been popped. A Frisbee has been left up here broken and sunflowers have been dug up and soil thrown over the playground.

“We have been working so hard to make it a nice place for the children who come here. Please can we ask that if you come up here to use the field that you respect Pre-school’s outside area and leave it how you found it when you arrived.”