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Don’t Flush Your Toilet when It Rains Says Meon Valley Mp Flick Drummond

By Times Reporter in Environment News on February 1, 2024

Meon Valley MP Flick Drummond says people shouldn’t flush their toilets or have a bath when it’s raining heavily.

Tory Mrs Drummond says this would stop sewers getting full and extra waste being discharged into rivers.

Mrs Drummond said: “We need to be more sensible with how we use water during storms to help with the capacity in our sewers.

“It would help if people did not discharge wastewater – such as baths, flushing loos, even using [washing] machines during heavy downpours – this all contributes to the amount of water going down the sewers. We can all be more careful during storms.”

She has also told voters who have complained about the number of times sewage was discharged into rivers that “some might be tiny quantities.”

Despite widespread concern about water pollution – there were 399,864 discharges of raw sewage in 2022 while water companies paid out £965 million in shareholder dividends – Mrs Drummond said: “I am very proud of this government’s record on water quality.”

Musician and water quality campaigner Fergal Sharkey ridiculed Mrs Drummond’s comments. He tweeted: “Constituents asked to stop emptying their baths, flushing the loo or “using machines during heavy downpours” to help stop the sewage system dumping sh*t into the nearest river. WOW!”

Mrs Drummond has also been widely mocked for a newspaper-style campaign leaflet sent out this to her Meon Valley constituents this week with the headline: “Flick did not vote to put sewage in our rivers.”

One Twitter commentator said: “Pretty sure that this is not a message Comms experts would advise…”


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