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Don’t Use Hosepipes And Cut Down On Useage Pleads Water Company

By Times Reporter in News on August 11, 2020

Portsmouth Water Company is urging all customers to use water wisely as it is seeing unprecedented demand levels.

“Portsmouth Water is asking customers to use water with extra care as the heatwave continues,” said a spokesperson.

“The current heatwave has combined with many people holidaying at or near home and resulted in record-breaking demand for water.

“This demand is putting strain on the supply network and could leave some residents without water, as supply pipes reach capacity and can’t physically allow enough water through them fast enough for everyone’s use.

“So, we’re asking everyone to show restraint and only to use water for essential purposes for the next few days, to ensure there is enough to go around.

“We’re asking everyone to put away their hosepipes and garden sprinklers and allow their grass to turn gold and their car to gather dust – just until the heatwave has passed.

“We’re continuing to produce water 24/7 and our technicians are working around the clock to ensure houses and businesses have the essential water they need for cooking, cleaning and washing. We’re also continuing our round the clock work to find and fix any leaks on the network.

“With your help we can make sure everyone gets the water they need.”

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