Drivers forced to take risks after traffic lights get stuck – and county council fails to act

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Traffic lights image on Gravel Hill, Swanmore

A dangerous traffic situation at a notorious junction in Swanmore was continuing for a second day after temporary traffic lights were stuck on red in multiple directions.

Frustrated drivers were forced to take risky action to get through the four-way crossing – with other vehicles coming from different directions doing the same.

Calls to non-emergency number 101 and Hampshire County Council’s own roads helpline went unanswered.

Issues began on Monday but despite multiple reports to the county council and the police the issuing was ongoing on Tuesday morning.

One motorist said: “They had one job – to ensure that the traffic lights worked… and they couldn’t even do that.

“It is an accident blackspot junction at the best of times, this made it ten times worse. It’s also ridiculous that it appears the council’s roads helpline number doesn’t work outside 9-5, but road issues can crop up at any time.”

Some motorists fearing there could be a serious accident eventually called 999. Another motorist said: “I’ve just come through and it was really scary as I had no idea who was moving.”

Another said: “I have also emailed HCC to ask why this has happened. It’s the third time in two months that temp traffic lights have caused dangerous situations in Swanmore.”

One person suggested the lights weren’t working properly from just after lunch on Monday, despite road repair crews being at the site. “They weren’t working on the way up the hill when I left at 1.30ish and that was with the workmen still on site,” they said.

Hampshire County Council has been contacted for comment.


Photo: Gravel Hill, Swanmore / stock image

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