Drivers Warned over children on bikes Playing ‘chicken’

Drivers in the area have been warned that a group of children on bikes are playing a dangerous game of ‘chicken’ in which they deliberately swerve in front of cars.

Swanmore Community Safety Officer Gary McCulloch says he has been made aware of several incidents where a group of cyclists have been riding their bikes dangerously towards cars.

Writing on social media Mr McCulloch said: “Please be aware that if a group of adolescents on bikes is riding towards you that one or two may dive in front of you at very short notice.

“If they do then don’t engage with them and carry on to your destination and then report the incident to the Police and then me if possible please.

“To the driver who thinks that they can ‘educate’ by not slowing down or taking avoiding action. Don’t. They are barely more than children and definitely not adults.”

Some of the children have been identified and Mr McCulloch has been contacting parents. He says his message to the group is: “I know you think you are indestructible but you aren’t. If you get it slightly wrong it is going to hurt, a lot.

“The consequences will last for you and your friends for the remainder of your lives.”

One driver who encountered the group in New Road, Swanmore, said: “As a driver and worried mother, I reported this to prevent a tragedy. They are playing Russian roulette. Whilst they find it funny, I really don’t want to see them hurt and a driver devastated, along with a family.”

Photograph: Pixabay