Environmental fears over Car Wash Opened Without planning Permission

A hand car wash business has been opened in Bishop’s Waltham without planning permission sparking fears over the possible environmental impact on the nearby ponds.

The car wash has been set up on the site of the former Esso petrol station in Winchester Road, next to the North Pond and what will shortly become a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

A substance has today been spotted on the surface of a section of the North pond and at least one dead bird has been seen, although it is unclear as to whether this is connected to the car wash.

BW North Pond Conservation Group (BWNPCG) has met with Winchester City Councillor David McClean and discussed the matter and concerns with the Parish Clerk.

Eric Birbeck, Vice-Chair of the BWNPCG, said: “The matter is now in the hands of the Winchester District Planning Committee, of which Cllr McClean is a member and the Parish Planning Committee discussed the matter last evening.

“The BWNPCG have also informed the Environmental Agency of the proposed operation of the Hand Car Wash previously and we shall be returning to them, I believe of some urgency.

“I have on behalf of the BWNPCG requested that the site be closed until such time as a planning application (Retrospective) has been received.”

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  1. Why, or how are they being allowed to continue to operate without planning consent ??? Surely an immediate shut down should be enforced be it due to the possible link to the pollutant in the pond or simply that they are operating illegally surely ?

  2. If that is detergent entering that water this is real ecological disaster. This has to be stopped ASAP before anymore damage is done – once/if the pond gets polluted it will take months to recover – what are the Environmental Agency waiting for. If this is an illegal operation why haven’t the police stopped it? They would stop me trading if I didn’t have a licence and planning permission.

  3. This site has been an absolute eyesore for years and not a good first impression of Bishops Waltham. It was good to see someone clean up the area take down tatty posters and make good use of the site. So who gave them the keys to set up there? To my mind It was good idea. Let’s hope some common sense prevails and they can conduct their business legitimately and safely.

  4. In my view opening up the fence to create an entry and exit and putting up a couple of flags that say ‘Car Wash’ does not eliminate the eyesore aspect of this site or give a good impression of the town to passing motorists. Certainly the Environment Agency need to investigate the effects of regular disposal of detergent into the 2 ponds which will also affect the fishing in the South Pond as well as Flora and fauna in the North Pond.

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