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Face Masks Compulsory From Monday, Swanmore College Announces

By Times Reporter in News on October 1, 2020

Face masks will become compulsory for staff, pupils and visitors at Swanmore College from Monday.

The new rules, which apply to most activities at the school, except for lessons, were announced today.

Headteacher Kyle Jonathan said: “We are reviewing our policies on an ongoing basis to ensure that pupils and staff remain safe whilst at Swanmore College.

“In line with many other schools in Hampshire, we are changing our policy with regard to face coverings. From Monday 5 October 2020, all pupils, staff and visitors will be required to wear a face-covering as follows:

· when arriving on site

· when moving around the College at lesson changeover

· on their way to and from their home zones

· when visiting the toilets or reception

· at lunch/break time whilst queuing for food in the serving areas

· when leaving the site at the end of the day.

“Whilst pupils are in their home zones at lunch and break time, whether indoors or outdoors, they do not have to wear a face-covering as they will be eating and drinking within their year group bubbles. Once the warning bell has sounded, pupils should put their face coverings on and move to their next lesson.

“Pupils will be asked to put their face coverings on before they leave a classroom and then sanitise their hands as they leave the room. They will be able to take their face coverings off when they arrive in their next classroom and sanitise their hands again. This, together with the attached advice, will ensure the safe use of face coverings. We believe that wearing face coverings will enhance the preventative measures already in place such as hand hygiene, good ventilation and additional cleaning.”

Some children will be exempt from wearing a face-covering for health or disability reasons.

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