Flood alert after heavy rain

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The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert after a prolonged period of heavy rain.

It warns that the water level of the River Meon at East Meon, West Meon and Wickham is high but stable.

The agency says: “In the last 32 hours nearly 24mm of rainfall has fallen at Warnford. This is in addition to the prolonged rainfall experienced over the last few months. From this morning surface water and river flooding will continue to impact roads through East Meon, West Meon, Exton and Meonstoke.

“The river will be out of bank in some locations. From midday the river may flood gardens and the Millennium Water Meadows at Wickham. This morning’s band of rain should pass by midday today, and the remainder of the day should be drier. Tomorrow, a small amount of rain, around 3mm is forecast so river levels will have time to recover.

“We continue to monitor the forecast and will ensure the river remains free of any reported blockages. Residents who have low lying property near to the river should remain prepared for flooding. Any pumps used for high groundwater levels should be checked to ensure they can be operated.”

Photo: Library image of Bucks Head Hill in Meonstoke in January 2024

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