Forget sewage being pumped into rivers, Southern Water wants you to buy a Lego set

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Lego set featuring Southern Water lorry

Forget the fact that this week it was fined £330,000 for polluting a river near Waltham Chase with raw sewage, and killing 2,000 fish, Southern Water knows what its customers really want… a sewage-themed Lego set.

The company, which was one of two water companies named in October as “standout poor performers” for handling complaints from customers by water watchdog, The Consumer Council for Water with Complaints almost three times higher than the overall average for waste and sewerage companies, it wants customers to support a Lego project called Sewer Heroes – Fighting the Fatberg.

Southern Water says the Lego creation, depicting a business’s sewer fatberg, was first uploaded to the Lego ideas online portal in June 2023 by its Network Protection and Enforcement Team – and received more than 8,000 votes.

A Southern Water spokesperson said “If it can reach its 10,000 target, it will be reviewed by Lego’s master builders, and potentially become an actual commercial set. We’re asking our customers to add their votes to the project, by clicking on the link and helping us reach the target.”

Stephen Williams, Network Protection Enforcement Manager at Southern Water said: “As a lover of Lego myself, I saw a similar Lego model online and approached the designer and went from there.

“The model, if it goes live, will be a fantastic education tool for use in schools to help children understand the importance of disposing of fat, oil, grease and other unflushable items, in the right way; and for demonstrable use at meetings, conferences, and outreach workshops.”

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