General Election 2024: Meet the candidates for the Hamble Valley constituency

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Hamble Valley candidates

The people trying to become Hamble Valley’s next MP have set out their stalls ahead of the general election on July 4th.

Due to changes in the constituency boundaries, a new name has been formed by merging parts of three other constituencies. As a result, Hamble Valley will have its first MP.

The MP will represent Whiteley, Shedfield, Hedge End, Botley, Titchfield, Warsash, Park Gate, Netley and Bursledon.

Prad Bains (Lib Dems)

Born and raised in Hampshire, Bains has a track record of serving the community. Currently serving as a County Councillor on Hampshire County Council, he was previously elected as Havant’s youngest-ever Mayor in 2020, during his term as a Borough councillor, where he also helped to raise thousands for a children’s cancer charity.

Bains says: “I am very excited to begin making my case to be the first MP for the Hamble Valley constituency.

“We need change nationally and locally, with a new government and new leadership that puts our community first.

“We have been let down for too long by Conservative complacency in our area. We cannot allow them to continue to take us for granted.”

His key campaign issues include advocating for proper funding for NHS mental health services, providing more support for those affected by the Cost of Living crisis, and opposing sewage dumping in rivers and seas.

Caroline Anne Gladwin (Reform UK)

There can be nobody who does not despair about the current political situation, the wasted opportunities, and the broken promises from the same old parties, who will just carry on doing the same old things if we let them let us down time and time again and just continue to bring this country and us all to our knees. 

Now it is time to get off our knees, demand reform and demand change for the benefit of the people, not the agenda that the old parties and politicians want.

As a previous member of the Conservative Party, I felt betrayed and resigned in 2019 out of frustration over Brexit and many other things. 

I was ready then and I am ready now to be an MP who will not only put my Constituents first but will put my Country first and will strive for the improvements in everyone’s lives that we deserve and only the Reform Party can make a reality.

The Reform Party will ensure that everyone is financially better off and not just the rich, will give us cheaper energy and crucially energy stability without threats of power cuts and will reform the NHS and make long waiting lists a thing of the past.  

The Reform Party is our bright future and I am now calling on the politically homeless and everyone who has been let down by the old parties with their same tired old empty and broken promises.

Binka Griffin (Hampshire Independents)

No response received.

Paul Holmes (Conservative Party)

Paul Holmes is the local Conservative candidate for the new Hamble Valley constituency. Paul was previously elected as Member of Parliament for Eastleigh in December 2019.

Born in London, he grew up on a council estate in Lewisham where his dad was a sales manager and his mum a shop assistant. He attended comprehensive schools and was educated at Southampton University.

Paul was elected to Southampton City Council in 2008 until 2012 and served as Chair of the Planning Committee and Cabinet Member for Education and Social Services.

Professionally, Paul was most recently Head of Public Affairs for a housing association and has previously served as Special Adviser to several Cabinet Ministers.

He is the only local candidate, having lived in Hedge End for the past five years and is the only candidate with the experience and local knowledge to fight for the community and deliver on his ambitions for Hamble Valley. If elected Paul will continue to focus on investment in local health services, improving local
schools and protecting our green belt.

Previously, he has delivered on many of his key election promises such as securing the Southampton Freeport, ensuring the survival of Southampton Airport and has obtained record amounts of funding for local infrastructure.

Kate Needham (Green Party)

We are in a climate and biodiversity emergency. Local services have been cut and we have lost so much. I worry about what the future will be like for my grandchildren. I would like them to be able to paddle in the sea and local streams without fear of becoming sick. I’d like them to breathe cleaner air and be surrounded by more green spaces and nature.

To be able to cycle more safely and to be able to afford to live here when they are older.

We need to vote more greens into positions of power and influence in order to take action now for a greener, fairer world and a future we can all look forward to.

Devina Marylyn Paul (Labour Party)

Devina is a business leader with an extensive track record spanning across two decades. She has a deep understanding of the pivotal role of business to the UK’s economic landscape, fostering job creation and spearheading cutting-edge technology. Devina will bring real world experience to advocate for the residents of Hamble Valley if she is selected as a member of Parliament. 

 Although not from a political background, her mother worked as a nurse in our NHS and her father was an engineer with the GLC, so her commitment to hard work, public service, community, and giving back to society stems from her upbringing.

As a working parent to a 4-year-old, she sees first hand the challenges faced today by many working people and the importance of ensuring we remove as many barriers to opportunity as we can, whether that’s through education, jobs, housing, transport infrastructure and better public health. 

Devina’s candidacy reflects her unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive progress and amplifying the voices of those she seeks to represent. 

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