General Election 2024: Meet the candidates for the Winchester constituency

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Winchester candidates

We asked each candidate for a short biography and a statement of their policies. We present them here, without any changes.

Chris Barfoot (Independent)

Christopher J Barfoot MA, schooled at Swanmore Secondary – year of 1983. Chris has lived around the SE of Britain and the US, the Canaries and Scandinavia but always returns home to Bishop’s Waltham. Chris is a writer and filmmaker, creating fiction which was broadcast through NBC Universal Sci/Fi Channel, ITV and Sky. Chris has had many movie festival awards and currently has three feature films with producers seeking the funds.

Chris started out as an engineer, putting up steel. The family business was contracted through Conder of Abbotts Barton. Chris managed a bustling CCTV company at the turn of the century and later drove a lorry as an Argos delivery driver for five years. Chris’ daughter was born at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. An establishment that saved his life on no fewer than three occasions!

Later (aged 50), Chris attended university, gaining a BA (Hons) Media Comms degree and a Masters (M.A) in Film Production. Chris’ brother Tim passed away in a Road Traffic Accident on Winchester Road in 2014. The family was devastated and destitute back then, the good people of Bishop’s Waltham paid for the funeral. Chris now does what he can to help the town. Being a Member of Parliament, sticking up for the constituency and fighting for a return to common sense is Chris’ main priority.

MAKE ALFRED GREAT AGAIN I am Chris Barfoot. I am an independent candidate for Member of Parliament for the constituency of Winchester. ​

My hometown is Bishop’s Waltham, I want to protect it by protecting Winchester as a constituency and community. Check out my Facebook page and the website for videos etc on some of the policies. I would be working for you, the great people of the thirteen districts… what are your ideas? What do you want?​

There is a limit to the number of problems that your doctor can deal with… Life doesn’t work that way! It took three doctor practices and two hospitals to resolve my own potentially terminal health conditions. One doctor should have been enough to investigate it all, right? This is one of the public dilemmas I intend to fix. ​

Don’t Eat Yellow Snow​
Public health is a basic requirement of civilisation – and that includes how we manage our freshwater streams, rivers and lakes. Pumping effluence into our bathing and drinking water supplies is disgusting, a disgrace. How can we allow this? Who in good conscience would vote in favour of this? Water; needs to be a public utility not a profitmaking private enterprise. We need to stop the madness; we need to prioritise the needs of people over profiteering. Water is life.

Something to Chew Over…
I will vote and speak out for your health- I will not yield to profiteering. NHS dentistry shouldn’t be in decline, the nation’s teeth are rotting. Private practices charge way too much, they’ve monopolised public health as a financial market, it’s pure greed in place of a necessary public service! How will our children fare if they cannot afford these services? We need to turn this around, now! ​

Levelling Up?
This was about winning bids- How about help for ‘the towns that actually need it’? I’ve been resolving issues for folk in financial peril and even engaged with trying to thwart homelessness in the parishes. We all need to get involved with this stuff. I am proud to say that I’m a member of two working groups with the BWPC. I was their biggest critic a year ago. They are decent caring people- you should talk to your
parish/town council about your day-to-day needs.

The Balance of Beer
Social engagement is a bigger issue than I realised. Drinking at home, alone is driving up alcoholism. I am chatting to breweries regarding the cost of a pint, there may be a way to negotiate with HMRC and brewers to reduce the costs. Halving the alcohol content might help this process.​

I have been involved with helping people suffering from alcoholism/addiction. Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) is a very real problem. I have links with an organisation that could help someone you may know- with this condition.

Don’t be a victim of snake oil salesmen and grifters posing as parliamentarians… Vote for Chris Barfoot

Danny Chambers (Liberal Democrats)

Danny is a respected local vet and trustee of a mental health charity.  He lives in the village of Shawford and his work as a vet takes him all across Winchester and the Meon Valley. Professionally, he is a member of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and founded the organisation Veterinary Voices. He has a proven track record of standing up for our area, having fought the scandal of sewage dumping in our rivers for years. Danny is leading the campaign to keep our A&E and consultant-led maternity services in Winchester.  

Danny is leading the fight to save Winchester’s A&E and consultant-led maternity services from Conservative plans to move them to Basingstoke. He has been campaigning for more support for local NHS services and to save community pharmacies. Making sure people can access the health services they need is his top priority.

Danny is demanding an end to sewage dumping in our precious chalk streams. He has been a tireless campaigner for our rivers and has held the Conservatives and Southern Water to account. There needs to be an end to executives’ bonuses until the sewage dumping stops.

Danny is determined to get more help for people struggling through the cost of living crisis. With increasing energy and food bills and hikes in mortgage payments after the Conservatives crashed the economy, everyone is feeling the pinch.

Local people are backing Danny Chambers because he has worked hard to listen to people in the City and rural areas. He would be a strong champion of everyone in our area.

Twitter/X: @DannyVet
Instagram: danny_the_vet

Kevin D’Cruze (Independent)

Kevin D'Cruze

I am a 67 year-old-retired widower living locally in Bishops Waltham. I have worked for a Housing Association and in Mental health work in Winchester for 15 years until I retired. 

I am campaigning for Proportional Representation and for Pensioners and dementia as my wife passed away with it aged only 64 four years ago. I also have an early-onset diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. I would like the State Pension to be raised up to around £3000 per month as it is in Spain. We have the lowest pensions in Europe. As pensioners on £881 per month we can can’t even get a car loan on that! And when I raised this with Flick Drummond she said ‘Can’t you car share?!’

As an Independent, I would focus on local issues like campaigning to stop our NHS Accident & Emergency at Winchester and Maternity services from being transferred to Basingstoke, which has been proposed. 

I also will campaign for local bus services which are poorly served in our rural areas and difficult for our ageing population to travel about.

Our voting system does not serve the people so I would like to see Proportional Representation introduced to give smaller parties a say, we are not represented at all. There is much corruption and sleaze and the wrong type of people in the present Parliament and we need to have better selection methods. 

I do promise to serve locally and listen to my constituents.

Andrew Davis (Social Democratic Party)

Andrew Davis - SDP

My name is Andrew Davis and I am the SDP candidate for Winchester. I am from Hayes in
West London originally but have lived in Winchester since 1992. I work in a finance role
based in London and therefore I have to endure commuting every week. I am keenly aware
of how fortunate I have been, from humble origins, to have been able to settle and bring up a family in Winchester, a city, set in one of the most beautiful parts of England, which I love and want to do everything I can to protect. I am a Saints season ticket holder and am looking forward to seeing the team reestablish itself where it should be, in the Premier League.

Apart from a general disillusionment with the current state of politics and the failure of both
major parties, my main motivation for standing in this election has been to provide a platform
for two SDP policies which particularly appeal to me and which I intend to champion, should
I be lucky enough to be elected.

I believe strongly that the privatised utility companies do not serve the interests of consumers
or the environment. The way that the rivers in our constituency have been treated is
scandalous. All our utilities must be brought back into public ownership and managed in a
way which will serve the interests of our citizens and not private shareholders.
My mother spent the last years of her life in a care home before falling victim to Covid.
During this time, I saw at first hand the amazing efforts made by the under resourced and
under-valued care workers. To me, they are the unsung heroes of our society. I want to see
the SDP build a “National Care Service” to ensure good quality and comprehensive provision
throughout this constituency and the country in general.

Hannah Dawson (Labour Party)

Hannah Dawson is your Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Winchester and the Meon Valley.
Hannah has been an active part of Winchester’s local Labour party for several years – leading
on their work on policy. Hannah organised the local party’s campaign against Hampshire County Council’s budget cuts, which will devastate thousands of people in Winchester and beyond. Hannah works in public affairs and communications, and earlier in her career worked as a Civil Servant in the Home Office and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities – where she served as Head of Media leading on the Homes for Ukraine resettlement scheme. Hannah holds a degree in History from the University of Cambridge, and she is also a qualified journalist. She is a volunteer mentor on the I Have a Voice scheme to encourage young people from non-traditional backgrounds to enter politics, and a keen runner – and regular at Winchester Parkrun.

In Winchester, I am told day in day out that it’s time for change. Our community has been hit hard by the cost of living crisis, with rents and mortgages through the roof. Our local services are being decimated – with Hampshire County Council proposing to slash community transport, adult social care provisions, homelessness support, and even suggesting we should dim out streetlights. The Tories have delivered little for Winchester and the Meon Valley – and residents deserve better. I’ll prioritise housing, climate change and the NHS to deliver a brighter future.

Houses in the area are unaffordably high. The average house price in the constituency is now just under £350,000. This means buyers would have to put down a deposit of £35,000 and earn a salary of at least £70,000. Only the Labour Party is proud to stand up and commit to building more affordable homes – the only way to get us out of the current housing crisis we face. The party announced plans to build on disused “grey belt” land whilst preserving our green belt, and to create genuinely affordable homes as a result.

On climate change, I’ve been proud to engage with community groups across the constituency who are rightly campaigning for rapid action on climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face as a planet and a society – and it is right residents in Winchester take a strong stance on voting for someone who is willing to put the planet first.

Labour has a plan to switch on Great British Energy – a publicly-owned clean power company, to cut bills for good and boost energy security, paid for by a proper, time-limited windfall tax on oil and gas giants. Not only will this accelerate the transition to clean energy, but it will lower bills as renewables are far cheaper than gas.

Protecting climate and nature go hand in hand. Under the Tories our rivers and seas have been pumped full of sewage – damaging wildlife and poisoning swimmers. This is unacceptable – and I as your MP, and a Labour Government, will hold water bosses to account for their toxic mess.

On the NHS, up and down the constituency I hear how the NHS is on its knees. Constituents are struggling to get appointments to see GPs, and NHS dentists are near impossible to come by. As your Labour MP, I’d fight to get the NHS back on its feet – and Labour has a plan to do this. Labour will cut waiting times with 40,000 more evening and weekend appointments every week and deliver a Dentistry Rescue Plan to create 700,000 more appointments every year.

A vote for me, and a vote for Labour, is a vote for change – and a vote for a brighter future.

Flick Drummond (Conservative Party)

Flick Drummond

Flick has dedicated herself to public life in Hampshire and Westminster for the past 30 years.

She was first elected as a Member of Parliament for Meon Valley in December 2019.

From 2015 to 2017 she was the MP for nearby Portsmouth South.

Due to boundary changes, Flick is standing for the new Winchester seat in this General Election as the Meon Valley constituency disappears into 4 parts. The new Winchester seat will have 26% of Meon Valley constituents.

Flick first moved to Winchester in 1988. She started in politics as a city councillor for St Bartholomew Ward in the city before she went to America in 1999-2004 where she saw the horror of the 9/11 World Trade Centre terrorist attack.

She has a wide range of experience in public service and the voluntary sector. Prior to becoming Meon Valley MP, she wasthe Chair of the SE Region of the Veterans Advisory and Pension Committee, a Board member of the National Citizens Service (NCS) and Voluntary Director of the Conservative Policy Forum.

Flick has also been a school governor (including chair of governors) at Milton Park Primary School in Portsmouth as well as a board member of the Salterns Academy Trust. She is passionate about education and has worked as a lay Ofsted school inspector.

Prior to politics she worked as an insurance broker and was a member of the TA Intelligence Corps. She has a Master’s degree from Southampton University in Global Politics and International Relations.

In the last Parliament, Flick was an active member of the Education Select Committee. She also chaired many All-Party Parliamentary Groups such as Yemen, Schools, Women and Work, Education, Women Peace and Security and, importantly for Hampshire and its many vineyards, Wines GB.

Her main interests in Westminster are education, defence and foreign affairs, especially the Middle East as she was born in Aden, Yemen.

I am supportive of the nearly £1 billion investment in our health services in Mid Hampshire with a new trauma hospital proposed and investment in the RHCH too. The new Elective surgery Hub is already being built in Winchester. I will work with GP surgeries and dentists to help them provide more appointments for their patients.

Crime is also something that concerns people, especially burglary and rural crime. I have been a victim of burglary in my home and I understand how important it is to feel safe and that is why I will have policing as a priority in Winchester and now there are extra officers too

Protecting our Environment and improving our chalk streams like the Itchen and Meon is also important and there has been quite a bit of misinformation from opponents on this issue.

Both the Agriculture Bill and our landmark Environment Bill have given us rigorous legislation that ensures 100% of rivers and seas are now monitored so we can pinpoint any problems and hold water companies to account with hefty fines they must spend on improvements in the area they pollute.

Protections for our soil, air, water and biodiversity through these groundbreaking acts are some of the toughest in the world.

I supported the Levelling Up Act in Parliament because it gives local people a say in local planning and speeding up the process but we do need more affordable homes in what is an expensive part of the world to buy.

Broadband is now a vital utility and I have worked hard to ensure our villages receive the best speeds. I have been helping communities access the Government’s Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme, and many homes now have better broadband as a result. This has meant working and often pestering Building Digital UK (BDUK), Openreach, BT and Ofcom, and I hold meetings with residents and broadband companies.

Lorraine Estelle (Green Party)

Lorraine Estelle has been a resident of Winchester for a decade. She adores living in this historic city and dedicates time as a volunteer guide, showcasing the cathedral to visitors. Additionally, she enjoys running, with one of her favourite routes encompassing the Winnall Moors nature reserve in the heart of Winchester. Despite her love for the city and the wider region, Lorraine worries about its future for both people and nature. She is particularly concerned about the lack of affordable housing, which contributes to health and social problems, especially for the younger population. She is also worried about our rare and endangered chalk streams, crucial wildlife habitats threatened by climate change and pollution.

The Green Party manifesto offers hope and something different for voters. Greens propose a fairer tax system to fund investment that will raise billions of pounds by asking super-rich multimillionaires and billionaires to pay more, equalising the treatment of income from work and wealth, and ensuring top earners pay National Insurance on their higher incomes. Those with the broadest shoulders to pay more and the money raised would be used for a transformation in health, housing, transport and the green economy.

The manifesto outlines our plans to invest in revitalising the NHS, with more spending on health and social care, as well as allocating capital for upgrading deteriorating hospitals, primary care facilities, and outdated equipment to modern standards. The Greens aim to enhance mental healthcare services and eliminate long waiting times for children and adolescents needing assessments. Additionally, the party proposes providing free personal care for elderly people and individuals with disabilities, following the successful model implemented by the Scottish Government. This is to ensure dignity in old age and for people with disabilities.

Urgent changes are needed to combat the climate and energy crises and create a green economy. Green policies would achieve this by investing in the future and restoring nature. Currently only 16% of the electricity used in the Winchester District comes from local renewable energy installations. Some key actions include stopping all new and recent oil and gas licences, introducing a rising carbon tax, and ensuring that 70% of electricity comes from wind power by 2030. It is also important to recognise the transformative power of rooftop solar as a key enabler. It would be possible to provide 60% of the required solar energy through installations on new buildings, commercial buildings, and car parks. This significant opportunity is currently being overlooked and needs to be addressed.

The Green Economic Transition will introduce a program to upgrade homes, making them more energy and cost-efficient to maintain. The Greens would also reform the housing sector by creating 150,000 new social homes annually, protecting social housing from being sold off, and allowing local authorities to implement rent controls.

Privatisation has failed to deliver. Dividends are paid to shareholders while infrastructure is run into the ground. The Green Party is committed to bringing the railways, water companies and the “big five” energy companies back into public ownership. It will take MPs prepared to make brave, principled choices on your behalf. Elected Green MPs will fight hard for the kinds of policies set out in their manifesto.

Andy Liming (Hampshire Independents)

I am a serving firefighter in Hampshire. As well as serving my community in this capacity for nearly 25 years I also spent two years as a Special Constable. During my service I have spent 13 years involved in Youth Intervention helping run two schemes one for cadets and another giving direction to young People. I am a married man with children and worry about the future of this country. 

I want to see action on the environment, a reduction in the overproduction of packaging and the carbon footprint caused by our obsession with shopping for clothing produced in countries that don’t care about the planet. We need to start teaching our children and young adults about 1st aid, self-reliance and personal responsibilities. Basic life skills and respect for themselves are not being taught and an unhealthy attitude towards the Police is harvested. I want to break this blueprint for social decline. I have helped many young people who have fallen on the wrong side of the Law, helping them through their different cases to find work and a place in society. We have to end the cycle of “it’s my right” and the awful compensation culture that is polluting public life. 

I also would like to see more facilities for young people to go to. We have a cadet group at the Fire Station, but funding is always a struggle leaving many young people upset they can not join. Young people are pushed around, and we are not supporting their educating or showing them how to really enjoy leisure time. They are easy targets for gang culture and very easily find themselves on the wrong side of the Law.

Some members of our party, Hampshire Independents, are campaigning for the legalisation of some drugs, there is a definite link between drugs and criminality. You have to buy them from criminal gangs who only care about the money. They have no social conscience, no health cares and sell products that are contaminated as a matter of course. There needs to be a serious debate about the current prohibition, the war on drugs has failed.

Please take a look at our website  

Sean Whelan (Reform UK)

Born on Merseyside my family moved south as my father was a British Merchant seaman working for Cunard who moved out of Liverpool to Southampton.

My education was in Hampshire and I spent my early career at sea. Following many years in corporate business development including representing businesses overseas in the marine sector. In the late 90’s I became involved in the industrial environmental services sector. I have worked in this industry for the past 30 years.

I am a local businessman and have a vast experience in local challenges in our constituency.

I became involved in local politics having lost faith in the conservatives who have become entrenched in party politics instead of representing the people who voted for them.

The people of Winchester constituency have told me they have had enough of the same old messages with the same old outcome. Broken promises and mismanagement at the highest level with no thought or consideration for the electors who have become disengaged with local and national issues which is a sad reality of this current Tory government and its alternatives.

Nationally I believe our country is no longer in safe hands from the established parties, and especially the “establishment”, I now want to return to the Britain I once knew and cherished.

One which positively encourages free-speech no matter how uncomfortable, maintains its sovereignty and borders, does not bend the knee to international organisations which do not have our interests at heart, and, a country whose proud and successful past informs our children’s future.

I know that the majority of British people think the way we in Reform UK do, and they have been continually punished by the international globalists, and those within our own parliament, since we did not vote the way, we were told in 2016. Therefore, I genuinely feel there is a strong chance Reform UK will win big at the General Election 2024, and I want to play my part in that.

If you feel that you, your children and your country’s future are ebbing away before your very eyes, then support me and all the other brave and honourable Reform UK candidates actively standing up for Britain. We will stand up for everyone who believes in our beautiful country.

  1. Protect the environment and the protection of green spaces, rivers and waterways
    Not enough has been done to stop the water companies dumping raw sewage into the local rivers and waterways by the Tories or the Lib Dems. As your chosen representative I will make it my business to open immediate dialogue to implement measures of responsibility.
  2. Royal Hampshire County Hospital
    Winchester losing its A&E department is nothing short of a disgrace when the population in both Winchester and Basingstoke is rising all the time, I will promise to work on introducing alternative sites and insist on reassurances for those who are under treatment for mental health issues.
  3. Cost of living in Winchester
    I will seek clarification from employers that Winchester should offer incentives by paying more money to encourage Winchester residents to work in Winchester.
  4. Farming And Agriculture
    Help the Farming Community produce more sustainable, affordable food. Driving forward economic growth, providing jobs and delivering on the nation’s environmental ambitions.
  5. Junction 9 Winnall
    Work to produce further feasibility study to ensure this investment is going to benefit the city and its residents.
  6. Broadband
    Work on improving Broadband services along with improved mobile phone signals in the more agricultural areas of the Winchester constituency.
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