Hampshire County Council repairs less than a third of the pot holes reported to It

Pot Holes on road
Pot holes on local roads

Shocking new statistics have revealed that Hampshire County Council repairs less than a third of the potholes reported to it.

A Freedom of Information request sent to dozens of local authorities ranks Hampshire worst in the whole country for dealing with road defects reported by members of the public.

Of the councils that provided the number of potholes repaired and reported, Hampshire Council repaired the least – just 8,204 (32%) of the 25,534 potholes reported but underspent its road repair budget by £10 million.

Xcite Car Leasing contacted 105 councils and received figures from 68. The company says that it is estimated that almost a fifth (18%) of the UK’s road network has less than five years of life remaining, and is deemed as ‘structurally poor’. The same report stated that a road that is resurfaced today in 2023 will likely not be resurfaced again for another 70 years, in 2093, highlighting how big this problem could become.

It said that in the last ten years, £1.4 billion has been spent on repairing Britain’s roads and that the average pothole costs around £86 to repair. Councils typically repair a pothole when it is 40mm deep, although some may look between 20mm and 30mm, with some not even repairing until 50mm. It is the responsibility of the council to repair potholes if they have been reported.

Councils were contacted for their budget between the dates of April 6th 2022 to 5th April 2023. Numbers were only included where they could be certified beyond reasonable doubt and works were classified as completed. The council’s financial year ran from 1st April to 31st March 2023, so those figures were used for the report.