Hundreds Object to new Quarry Proposal in Shedfield

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Proposals for a new quarry that will become a waste infill site in a quiet Hampshire village have received more than 500 objections from residents.

TJ Waste, a waste management company based in Fareham, has submitted an application for a new project at Five Oaks Farm in Winchester Road, Shedfield.

The 78,963 square metre site would see the soft sand dug up and the area filled with 435,000 tonnes of clean inert waste and materials, such as bricks, ceramics and concrete.

But residents have formed a strong anti-quarry campaign, saying it would have a tremendous impact on their lives.

Campaigner Steve Bissell said: ‘For those of us who live nearby, there is simply no upside to the development – it does nothing for us as a community.

‘On our end we will get a quarry that runs right up to some people’s back gardens, a major increase in the number of heavy goods vehicles along the road and we have the dust and dirt to worry about.

‘We believe this application would be harmful to residents, businesses and schools in the area – that’s why people are so opposed to it.’

The public consultation on the plans will conclude on February 2.

So far, roughly 550 objections have been submitted by residents – although a dozen or so have been redacted.

Working alongside Shedfield Parish Council, the campaigners have brought in specialist help to go through the planning application with a ‘fine-toothed comb’.

Mr Bissell said: ‘There are some technical problems with the application itself, so that has been a particular focus of ours.

‘Everybody has their part to do and we’re urging anyone who would be affected by this to put their submissions to the county council.

‘There are plenty of other viable sites in Hampshire that would be better suited and offer more for TJ Waste, while also not affecting residents.

TJ Waste has gone on record stating that the quarry at Five Oaks Farm would fill a shortfall in the local need for soft sand in construction.

The cost of construction materials has skyrocketed this year, with Hampshire County Council noting an inflation rate of 17 per cent.

If approved, the scheme would be the TJ Waste’s third mineral extraction scheme in Hampshire, alongside longside Butser Quarry in Petersfield and Forest Lodge Quarry in Hythe.

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