Hundreds oppose plans for new quarry in Shedfield

Almost 600 residents have written to the county council to oppose plans for a new quarry in Hampshire.

Proposals have been submitted by TJ Waste for a 78,963 square metre quarry at Five Oaks Farm in Winchester Road, Shedfield.

Here, soft sand would be dug up and replaced with 435,000 tonnes of clean inert waste and materials, including concrete and ceramic.

Following an anti-quarry campaign from residents, 590 objections have been received by the county council as the consultation period comes to an end.

Campaigner Steve Bissell, who lives near the quarry, raised concerns about the impact on Winchester Road.

He said: ‘Due to the limited visibility from the site entrance it is unsafe for large slow moving vehicles even after proposed changes.

‘Winchester Road itself has seen a number of serious accidents within half a mile of the entrance since the application was submitted.

‘This application will result in a significant increase in HGV traffic which will only increase the risk of further accidents resulting serious injury or even loss of life on this already dangerous road on which many of us live.’

Another resident, Dr Elizabeth Judson, said: ‘Since the last opportunity to object, an extension to operations at Blashford Quarry has been approved as well as an application submitted to approve similar extensions at Frith End Quarry.

‘Add to that the application for the new quarry site at Purple Haze in Ringwood and there is more than enough sand to sustain Hampshire’s demand well beyond 2030.’

Martin Butterworth added: ‘I believe that TJ waste has not satisfactorily answered the concerns raised through the application process relating to the heavy traffic increase, road safety concerns, wildlife and habitat loss, and the irreparable damage to the local landscape.

‘The community, through its objections and action groups, are asking for green spaces such as this to be protected and preserved for the future, and so I strongly object to the referenced planning application.’

A date for the application to go before the county council’s regulatory committee has not yet been set.

If approved, the quarry would be the third of its kind under TJ Waste’s ownership in Hampshire, alongside Butser Quarry in Petersfield and Forest Lodge Quarry in Hythe.