Landlords’ fury after horse brought into pub

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Pub landlords have hit out after a customer brought a horse into their bar last night.

The owners of The Brickmakers in Swanmore said no thought was given to the welfare of the horse or the health and safety of drinkers.

In a post on Facebook, Koren and Gareth Blake, said: “This happened last night. Not acceptable. Just to reiterate we do not allow any animals or livestock in our pub. Apart from the complete ridiculousness of it, the poor horse’s welfare, it’s a health and safety issue.

“Nor do we allow children in our bar after 7pm. If people do not adhere to the rules they will be barred. We do not want to be a pub where children are allowed to run around wrecking the place whilst their parents get drunk.

“From now on if customers do not follow our rules they will not be served. So sick of moaning about the same things. It’s about time we had more police presence in the village.”


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