Local schoolchildren in electric car racing challenge

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Droxford school pupils await race start at Greenpower Goblin event

Local children have been put through their paces in an electric car race in a school-built vehicle.

Budding engineers and racers, aged between nine and eleven years old, from Droxford Junior School took part in the Greenpower Formula Goblin Challenge last weekend at Havant and South Downs College along with other teams from across England.

Their environmentally-friendly vehicle – aptly named the “Droxcar” – has been crafted by pupils from recycled materials and is powered solely by electricity.

The event not only provided an adrenaline rush for the youngsters navigating through various challenges including slalom, drag, and head-to-head racing, but also served as a platform to foster skills in communication and teamwork, all while honing their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills in the preparation of the car for the event.

Droxford Headteacher Matthew Dampier said: “It’s been a brilliant opportunity for our children to experience race conditions against other teams and put our practice into actual performance.

“First and foremost, just enjoying being in the team and having fun is an incredible experience for them, but also to compete with other teams, seeing other girls and boys, speaking to them, having fun, but also allowing them to think yes, maybe I could do something like this in the future to do with science, technology, engineering or maths.”

Year six pupil Isla Woodgate said: “It’s just fun because you get to drive a car, but then you’d never get to drive a car because you’re not allowed to at our age.”

Freddie Baldwin from Year five said: “I’ve enjoyed the racing, and I liked it when I was doing the sprint race, that was very fun. In the future I’d like to do more go-karting and things like this!”

Now Droxford Junior School STEM club, supported by its teachers and parent volunteers, is gearing up for the next challenge – to design and build a second car from a kit donated to the school.

The team’s next race will take place at Goodwood race circuit in June. Greenpower Education Trust is a UK-based charity with an outstanding track record in kick-starting careers in engineering. They help unlock potential and spark enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through the excitement of motorsport.

Photographs by Dave Gatland & Paul Hindson.

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