Meon Valley MP wants villages to be able to cut speed limits to 20mph

Meon Valley MP Flick Drummond has asked Hampshire County Council to allow 20mph limits in villages blighted by speeding traffic.

Speaking in a parliamentary debate on the issue this week, Flick said excess speed was a major issue in her constituency.

“I represent a number of villages in Meon Valley that are unsuitable for high-speed traffic. Some are on the A32, which is one of the worst roads in the country for people being killed and injured, but everywhere in our villages the problems of speeding traffic are a menace to the people living, working and going to school,” she told MPs.

“I am pleased that Hampshire County Council is now looking at allowing communities and parish councils to ask for 20 mph zones. I have been calling for that for a long time and residents have been asking for help, particularly along the A32. I hope that the council will allow communities to move forward when it makes a decision in January next year.

“Narrow roads pass right outside people’s front doors, and in many places, there are narrow or even no pavements, including on the A32. Residents feel vulnerable because of the speed of traffic.

“We have to recognise, too, that the average modern car is much bigger and heavier than those in the past. Pedestrians are feeling the squeeze, and so are cyclists, horse riders and even other motorists who might not feel so confident as the drivers barrelling along through a village at above 40 mph in a 30-mph zone.”

Flick explained residents were pleased average speed cameras on stretches of the A32 and the A272 have been installed.

“The cameras will save drivers’ lives and improve the lives of residents in the surrounding villages. They have already told me what a difference those have made.”

She added: “I will continue to support my constituents across Meon Valley who want safer roads and safer lives for their families

“I also hope that Ministers will look at what the Government can do to empower people to take control of roads in their communities, including through the use of acoustic cameras and properly enforceable noise limits on motor vehicles. This has been a blight on many communities, and I hope that the pilot schemes will soon show that they work and we can roll them out across the country, but especially in Meon Valley.”