Meon Valley Pub closes Amid Redevelopment fears

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Another local pub has closed its doors for the last time – amid fears it will be turned into homes.

The Roebuck, near Wickham, shut for the last time yesterday.

The pub had closed in February but re-opened under new management in September.

In a statement on its Facebook page the landlady Sara Pollard-Dambach said: “We really have done all we can to save it from becoming a property development over the last year but sometimes your all just isn’t enough.

“I want to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support through the pandemic and beyond.
Because of you, we were able to become a successful business here, where many thought we would fail. And it’s with that turnover we’ve invested into our next project which will see our 20 strong employee team in a secure job for 10 years if they so want it.”

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  1. So, what’s the full story? They’ve been able to make this a successful business, so why have they been forced to close? Seems like you’re only reporting half the story here.

  2. Look at the Roebuck Facebook page. This is lifted off one of Sarah’s posts but there is further explanation in later posts.

  3. They haven’t been forced to close, they chose to withdraw from negotiations for a new lease because their unacceptable demands of the landlord, within the suggested heads of terms, were rejected.
    The pub will reopen shortly with new lessees.

  4. Hey guys. Let me clear up a few things for you. We were actually forced out because all that was agreed in principle was changed when it came to signing the heads of terms. And our solicitor was fighting our corner like solicitors should. The Landlord let his solicitor deal with the heads of terms without consideration or consultation towards him after he threatened to pull out if he interfered with his case. We refused to bow down to their demands and were given 3 days to leave. Which I managed to extend to 2 weeks. However we wish whoever takes on The Pub the very best of luck. The truth always outs in the end! Sara xx

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