Much-loved artwork ruined by vandals

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Hendog street art vandalism

A much-loved piece of street art in Bishop’s Waltham has been ruined by vandals.

The image of a little girl making a daisy chain delighted many people when it appeared on St George’s Square bus shelter in February.

But this weekend the artwork – created by anonymous Hampshire-based street artist Hendog – was badly defaced with an x and the word “toy” – which is urban slang for bad artwork.

Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council had been planning to protect Banksy-style artwork.

Local people reacted with fury. Colin Bown said: “Sadly just walked passed this. Well done to the toe rag who vandalised it – absolute low life.”

Samantha Whittaker said: “What a real shame. She was beautiful to look at driving past and very original. Shame.”

Stephen Bradbury added: “When or if the sad little cretin who defaced this lovely picture grows up, I hope he/she feels the guilt for the rest of their life!”

Photo: Colin Bown

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