No news is bad news – please help to support genuine independent local news for Indie News Week

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Bad news: Big Tech greed, corporate takeovers and declining advertising mean that independent news providers are struggling to keep their doors open.

Good news: You can make a big difference to your community news provider by making a one-off or small monthly donation.

Independent news outlets like the Meon Valley Times – owned by two ordinary local people and reporting for the community – are under threat of closure, turning British towns and villages into virtual news deserts.

This week the UK’s independent publishers are celebrating Indie News Week, a chance to raise the profile of publications like the Meon Valley Times, dedicated to delivering quality news to their communities.

According to the trade magazine, Press Gazette, the local news sector has shrunk by three-quarters since 2007. With that in mind, the inaugural Indie News Week theme is ‘no news is bad news’, highlighting how independent publishers, like the Meon Valley Times, are fighting back and bridging the gap.

Earlier this year, in an editorial piece on the decline of local journalism, The Guardian wrote: “Publications are less and less likely to be owned by proprietors with a stake in their communities, and more and more by big conglomerates prioritising the extraction of cash.

“While individual reporters and organisations still do remarkable work, they do it against the odds.”

Spearheaded by a charity, the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF), the ‘No News is Bad News’ campaign aims to combat this by showing how a well-informed community is more able to act together to shape its own future.

Local news is fundamental to a healthy democratic society and invaluable in helping to create strong communities.

“Indie news providers are the unsung heroes of local communities across the UK, unearthing stories and informing their audiences,” said Jonathan Heawood, PINF’s Executive Director.

“Through Indie News Week, we want to say thank you to the enterprising journalists and editors who make up this sector and help them connect even more deeply with their communities.”

And news isn’t just about crime, accidents, potholes and cuts to services – important as all those things are.

From country fairs coverage to business openings, a weekly what’s on guide or writing about everyday heroes, publishers of local news champion the great and good on their pages too.

We always want to hear good news, which is why we’ve given it it’s own category on our website.

How to support genuine local news

Tell your friends

We’re online only and our website is read by around 20,000 people every month but we would love to be able to reach more people. Please tell friends and relatives (especially those not on social media, who are harder for us to reach) about the Meon Valley Times 🙂

Make a donation

If you like what we do, then we would love it if you could make a regular or one-off donation to support our work. The two-person team behind the Meon Valley Times don’t currently get paid for their work – and producing accurate, trusted news takes time and energy. We’d love to be able to recruit more people to our team – so imagine what we could achieve with more resources. Donate by clicking here 🙂

Share our articles

Share our article links on your area’s WhatsApp groups or help and friends and neighbours sign up for our weekly email.

Advertise with us

Reach thousands of genuinely local readers from just £50 a month and help boost your business – and help us too 🙂 Find out more here and contact us here 🙂

Join us

We welcome contributions of articles and photos – so get in touch if you’d like to get involved 😊 We welcome contributions from people of all ages. Contact us here 🙂

We’d welcome help in a whole range of areas including writing, proof-reading, event listings, taking photographs, covering sports (and providing scores and reports), helping us investigate how local councils spend your money – and a whole range of other things we can’t list here (or haven’t even thought about!)

Indie News Week – let’s get the good news rolling.

The Meon Valley Times is a 21st century news website for a 21st century Meon Valley. We report on the news that matters to the people across our area. Holding public officials to account, celebrating achievements and keeping readers informed and inspired.

Mayville High School, Portsmouth Advertisement
Mayville High School, Portsmouth Advertisement
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