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Occupants Of Car At Old Winchester Hill “Out For A Drive” Fined

By Times Reporter in News on January 18, 2021

Police fined the occupants of a car found at Old Winchester Hill last night.

Officers say the people were unable to give a reasonable account for being at the location. They said: “These persons had also travelled outside of their area having made a non-essential journey. The Driver stated ‘We thought we would just go for a drive.’

“Both occupants of the vehicle have now been reported for breaching the current COVID-19 regulations.”


  • This is unhelpful reporting. What are the circumstances here? Is one of them disabled, for instance, and this their only way of getting a much needed change of scenery? This creates a climate of fear and confusion and I think you owe it to your readers to deliver some analysis.

  • Thank you Maxine David for highlighting the plight of the disabled. My partner is linked to permanent oxygen supply both indoors and out and is unable to walk more than a few steps. During the first lockdown we went for drives a couple of times a week. It seems to me if we did this now we may very well be stopped and fined!!

  • Again I don’t know the full circumstances of this but it does again reiterate the need to stay local and not go out on jollies without a cate for others potentially spreading these killer disease. Another daily record of deaths yesterday caused by mixing weeks ago. Our Police Officers don’t want to have to fine people but they will if the penny doesn’t drop in the few that cause these problems through their self centred actions. @MeonValleyNHW

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