Police Issue Plea Ahead of pubs Re-opening

Hampshire Police have issued a plea for people to follow social distancing rules ahead of pubs re-opening tomorrow.

And they have reminded the public to show personal responsibility to avoid becoming a burden on the NHS.

A spokesperson said: “We know that many people are looking forward to pubs, restaurants and other establishments opening this weekend and we’re confident the majority of people want to enjoy themselves safely.

“In the run-up and over the course of the weekend we, alongside Local Authorities, will be working closely with the licensing industry across all areas of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This is to ensure all businesses are aware of the new licensing objectives and COVID guidelines to prevent a second spike of the virus.

“We have been preparing in anticipation of this busier period, and have patrol plans in place throughout the two counties this weekend to ensure the easing of restrictions is approached safely. Social distancing and good hygiene remains paramount and it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow this guidance.

“If you are visiting bars and pubs this weekend, please drink sensibly, and pre-plan your travel and how you are going to get home. Reassess your plans if you arrive at your location and realise social distancing isn’t achievable. Be aware of how excess drinking and violent behaviour may impact the emergency services and the NHS. Covid-19 still presents a significant and deadly threat to public health.

“It’s important to remember that it is our collective effort to comply with the guidance, such as keeping our distance and washing our hands, that has led to the re-opening of our local businesses.

“Ultimately, we are still all in this together so it’s important that we all continue to limit the spread of the virus, whilst enjoying the summer.

“We continue to work hard to keep us all safe in what remain challenging circumstances so we would ask everyone to work with us and remember that if you need our help we are here for you.

“If you want to know more about what you can and can’t do from July 4th, please visit the government website on Coronavirus. Please do not call our control room to ask questions about restrictions, we need to keep our lines open for emergencies.”