Post office says it has no plans to change Wickham branch

The Post Office says it has no plans to close or downgrade its post office inside the Co-op in Wickham.

Rumours that the separate post office counter was to be closed or changed led to the creation of an online petition.

The petition creator wrote: “There is no bank in Wickham anymore, so many local people use the Post Office to bank, buy car tax, etc, and collect their pensions. Local sellers who sell online, regularly use the Post Office to send parcels. Many old and young people in Wickham have no transport, so the Post Office and banking service are vital.

“The Co-op will have a Post Office as such at the till area, which is small and collecting the vast numbers of parcels that come in every day will make it very difficult for the staff, who I know will be trained, but even so, it will make it very difficult for them to keep on top of both grocery sales and Post Office duties.

“I’ve heard on the grapevine that the Post Office secure section of the store will close in May 2023 so some urgency is needed to get the decision changed and keep our fabulous facility. Please sign the petition now so that we can put pressure on the decision-makers to change their minds and keep the dedicated Post Office area in the Co-op open.”

But today a Post Office spokesperson told the Meon Valley Times: “There are no plans for Wickham Post Office to close. There are no plans to alter the Post Office.”