School gives pupils an extra hour in bed after England match

A big-hearted school head is allowing pupils to have an extra hour in bed on Monday after the Euro’s final.

Swanmore College Headteacher Kyle Jonathan has extended registration time on Monday to allow tired pupils to catch up on their sleep.

In an email to parents, Mr Jonathan said: “We are aware that a number of pupils will be up late and maybe very tired on Monday. As this is such a unique event and as a one-off, the registers will remain open until 10.00 am on Monday.

“If your child chooses to catch up on sleep and arrive a little later than usual, they will not be penalised for doing so. Any arrivals after 10.00 am will be treated as ‘late’ and the register will be marked accordingly.”

Parents praised the move. One said: “What a nice thing to do – a really sensible and pragmatic decision. Back of the net, Mr Jonathan!”

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