School grounds to be closed out of hours due to anti-social behaviour

The grounds of Bishop’s Waltham Junior School is to lock its gates out of school hours to combat anti-social behaviour.

Over the last few weeks Hampshire Police have received several phone calls concerning anti-social behaviour on the school grounds.

The school says this has mainly happened during the evenings (including weekends) when a large group of young people assembled and played loud music, affecting residents.

The school says that in conjunction with the police, the playground will now be locked out of school hours.

Headteacher Darren Campbell: “We appreciate that there has been access to the school grounds for a very long time, and this decision may not be popular. However, anti-social behaviour is likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to a person.

“We want to try to deal with this by education and ask you to speak to any young people who have used the school grounds in the past to use the local play areas. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.”