Warning issued after Horse Hoof Marks found on Golf Green

A golf club has issued a warning after a green was left damaged by horse hoofs.

A video by a manager at the Wickham Park Golf Club showed the trail of hoof marks across the green, which the club will now have to pay to repair.

The club said: “Polite reminder from Wickham Park Golf Club, if you are riding horses please keep to the bridle paths and refrain from riding over the fairways and greens, as this is the damage that occurs.”

Bridle paths and public footpaths surround the course and signage indicate where the public can and cannot go. The club stressed that the golf course is not public land.

In a further comment, the manager highlighted the dangers of golf courses and stressed the importance of safety to the public who are not familiar with the game: “If a golfer were to
hit a ball towards someone they would instinctively shout “Fore!” to warn that person of a golf ball travelling towards them, the uninitiated person who doesn’t play golf would not
know of the appropriate action to take to avoid being hit.”

Other damage to the course has included discarded fishing line and litter. “We do ask again though that people respect our golf course and do not use it for reasons
other than playing golf,” said a staff member from the club.

According to another staff member, the rider later apologised.

Photo: Wickham Park Golf Club